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Which tests to choose?

  • High Priority Molecular Swab (RT-PCR): It is a PCR swab with a report by 12.00 of the day following the sample collection (barring unforeseen circumstances). Not available on Sundays / Hollidays. Required by airlines to travel. Booking Here
  • Rapid Antigen Swab:Search for characteristic viral proteins (antigens) in the respiratory sample. Useful to intercept people with a high viral load and often required to travel. Our antigenic swabs are recognized by the European Union for travelers. Booking Here
  • Rapid Serological Test:Detects (without mesuring) the presence in the blood of antibodies to Covid resulting both from natural infection or vaccination. Not useful in verifying whether a person is contagious for which purpose it is recommended the swab. Booking Here
  • Quantitative Serological Test:Measure the IgG antibodies induced by the virus or vaccine (without distinguishing between them). Requires venous blood sampling. Booking Here
  • Standard Molecular Swab (RT-PCR): The benchmark diagnostic test in terms of sensitivity and specificity for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. Our test is also sensitive to all the latest virus variants. Results in 3 working days. Travellers should prefer the High Priority RT-PCR. Booking Here

Where are COVID tests done?

At NUTRIZIONE PREVENZIONE Medical Center in Pordenone, in via Julia, 9 Pordenone, we have organized an open air protected environment suitable for covid diagnostics.

How can I book?

Only online through the BOOKING CALENDAR .

The payment circuit is managed by Pay Pal but it is possible to pay with any credit card.

A reply email will confirm the reservation: please, read it carefully.

How long do I have to wait to take the test?

Typically less than 12 hours: we run tests every morning and every evening, including holidays.

I am symptomatic (fever, cough, etc ..). Can I come and get the test?


How long does it take for the test and how long to receive the report?

  • FOR AIR TRAVELLERS: High Priority Molecular Swab (RT-PCR High Priority): 2 minutes to perform the sample and Report delivered via e-mail by 12 a.m. of the next day (barring unforeseen circumstances).
  • Rapid Antigenic Swabs and Rapid Serological Tests: 2 minutes to perform the test and 10 minutes to receive the report.
  • Standard Molecular Swabs (RT-PCR): 2 minutes to take the respiratory sample and 3 working days to receive the report.
  • Quantitative Serological Test: 2 minutes to perform the blood sample and Report delivered within 2 working days.

In which language will I receive the report?

All the reports of all tests are made in both IT and UK languages

How will you deliver the report to me?

All Rapid tests' reports are delivered in paper form about 10 minutes after the test.

The IT/UK reports of RT-PCR molecular swabs, such as the Quantitative Serological test, are sent via mail by our Medical Center (Check your spam box!). Before than that, patients will also receive a message on their mobile phone with the credentials to download the result independently (only for Italian mobile numbers): activated by the lab as soon as it has finished to analize the sample.

Exampe of High Priority RT-PCR Result delivery, for travellers

Reporting times:

  • Sampling on Saturday → report on Sunday by 12:00 via e-mail
  • Sampling Thursday → report Friday by 12:00 by email

Critical examples:

  • Flight departure on Tuesday morning with report within 72 h: Book the RT PCT High priority on Saturday as the validity of the report starts from Saturday evening (the time of arrival of the sample to the lab).
  • Flight departure on Tuesday evening. Book the RT PCT High priority on Monday as the report will arrive by Tuesday by 12:00 (barring unforeseen circumstances).

General law: the HIGH PRIRITY RT-PCR reports in the Report the evening time of the day the swab was performed and its validity starts from that moment.


  • High Priority RT-PCR Molecular Swab (for travellers): Result by 12:00 (barring unforeseen circumstances) of the day following the sample collection: 125€
  • Antigenic Quick Swab: 35€
  • Rapid Serological Test: 50€
  • Quantitative Serological Test: 50€
  • Standard Molecular Swab RT-PCR with results within 3 WORKING days ("working days" exclude Saturdays, Sundays and holidays): 95€

Can I search for vaccine-induced antibodies?

YES: our Rapid Serological Test identifies the antibodies produced by the vaccine but does not distinguish whether they have been produced by the vaccine or by contact with the virus.